Background and Recruiting

The Background and Recruitment Unit is responsible for the fair and efficient administration of the recruitment process for the Clayton County Police Department.  The men and women who make up this unit seek to employ personnel that represent the diverse community that we serve, embody this agency’s core values, and will strive to uphold our mission and vision.

Recruiter Contact Information

Recruitment Hotline: 770-477-3534

Police Officer J. Benson, Jr.
Contact: (770) 477-3787

Police Officer C. Watson-Fraser
Contact: (770) 472-8028

Police Officer A. Stroud
Contact: (770) 472-8079

Recruitment Unit Supervision

Sergeant Robert Wilborn – Unit Supervisor
Contact: (770) 472-8038

Captain Chris Windley – Unit Commander
Contact: (770) 477-3613