Community Affairs

Community Affairs Unit

The primary function and purpose of the Community Affairs Unit is to perform the crime prevention function. The duties and responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, providing the citizens of Clayton County with a centralized source of assistance in making families, homes and business more secure; providing educational programs on crime awareness and crime prevention programs to the community, neighborhoods and businesses; and establishing close relationships with the community through our community policing philosophy and crime prevention programs.


Please be aware that the Community Affairs Unit requires a three (3) week notice for all event requests.

How do I book an event?

Please contact the Community Affairs Unit at 770-477-3546.

What items do you provide?

The Community Affairs Unit is able to provide Handout information that provide resources for the community.

Can you bring the SWAT truck and Helicopter?

We can request(upon availability and the type of event) our specialized units to assist us with a static display.

How many days in advance do I need to notify you department for an appearance?

The Community Affairs Unit requires a minimum of three weeks in advance for an event appearance.

Our schedule fills up quickly and in order to confirm our attendance at your event, you will need to contact us once your event date, time, and location have been confirmed at:

770-477-3546 or

The Community Affairs Unit is not guaranteed to appear at your event just because a request has been submitted. Please understand that a request is simply that – a request.

Do you offer a K9 Demonstration?

K9 demonstration are available, but the requests are fulfilled based on the availability of the K9 Unit.

Do you hand out Jr Police officer Badges?


Do you have a Mentoring program?

The Clayton County Police Department is working to establish a Positive Youth Development program aimed at positively influencing and mentoring youth in the Clayton County community.

What is the Police Department doing to promote positive police/community relations?

Community Affairs Unit’s Strategy is designed to increase the number of positive contacts between patrol officers and the community. This provides a platform for both police officer and members of the community to dispel pre-conceived notions and forge new relationships.

What kind of programs does the Police Department have that involve the community?

The Community Affairs Unit develops and oversees programs that involve the community. These include, Crime prevention programs(Neighbor Hood Watch), Citizen Police Academy, Business Academy and many others. Liaisons are assigned to the various Sectors and communities within Clayton County.