Letter From Chief Register: 2016 Police Operations

TO:          Citizens of Clayton County

FROM:       Michael J. Register, Chief of Police

DATE:       January 26, 2017

SUBJECT:   2016 Police Operations

This past year has been a very busy time for the Clayton County Police Department in many ways. Officers responded to more than 252,000 calls for service (over 690 per day), in addition to making over 91,000 self-initiated citizen contacts. CCPD also hosted and/or participated in over 1000 various community engagements via our Community Affairs Unit and other departmental assets.

Several of the initiatives from this past year included the creation of a Bike Patrol Unit (for use in parks, shopping areas, apartment complexes, and special events), entering into phase II of a III-part process of fielding body cameras for all officers and include in-car camera systems. CCPD also held several forums intended to strengthen police and community partnerships and address community issues, which in turn impacted complaints on officers causing a 30% decrease from the previous year.

Other statistics of note from 2016 include the following:

Total Department Arrests: 18,948

Accidents Worked: 9,968

Firearms Seized: 614

Drug Arrests: 569

DUI Arrests: 357

Family Violence Arrests: 1,476

Though crime was up in 2016 from the previous year, we found that the large contributor to this increase was weapons, drugs, and gang related activity. However, burglaries within the county experienced a decrease of 6%. Our Specialized Units conducted several crime suppression initiatives in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies that yielded the following results:

Operation Crime Break (04/05/2016 to 04/16/2016)
63 arrests; 60 citations; 1 search warrant

Operation Summer Heat I (07/05/2016 to 07/16/2016)
60 arrests; 93 citations; 2 search warrants

Operation Summer Heat II (08/16/2016 to 08/27/2016)
53 arrests; 80 citations

Prostitution Details (09/29/2016)
22 arrests

Various T.I.G.E.R. (Targeted Interdiction General Enforcement Response) Unit initiatives

236 Arrests, 279 Citations, 478 Tier Contacts, 5 Weapons Seized, 4 Vehicles Seized.

Clayton County Police Department initiatives included:

External Initiatives

• Faith Forum (Held quarterly with local Clergy to discuss community/police issues)
• Beliefs and Bias Forum (Held quarterly with community to discuss community issues)
• Positive Youth Development (Conducted two summer programs in 2016)
• C.A.R.E. Program ~Communication Acceptance Respect and Empathy (Developed for pre-school aged children)
• Neighborhood Watch & Homeowner Association Meetings
• NHW & HOA Sync Meetings
• Brain Camp (Supported event in partnership with Safe America)
• C.A.L.E.A. ~Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (received 3rd reaccreditation award)
• Numerous Collaborations (Such as “A Conversation with My Brother”, and “Standing in the Gap”)
• Covenant House (Supported Homeless initiative)
• Business Police Academy (Created by CCPD to educate and better partner with the local business community)
• Citizens Police Academy

Internal Initiatives

• Gateway Program (Supervisor, Management and Leadership initiative for CCPD supervisors and command)
• Implementation of overlapping CCPD Police Academies (Created in order to field more officers faster without decreasing academy length)
• Bicycle Unit (Created to address trail safety, and be more effective in making citizen contact)
• Open House/National Night Out
• Opening of a new Animal Control facility (New $4 million animal control facility opened for better Animal Control service to the community)
• Hosted DOJ Training (Community relations and diversity)
• Citizens Discussion Board (Each sector has a citizen discussion group that assists each Sector Commander in addressing Sector concerns with citizen input)
• Body Cameras (Camera systems fielded for both body and in-car use)
• Employee Appreciation & Awards Banquet
• New website
• Power DMS (Improved policy review, and other departmental related workflows)
• Reorganization of the Police Department
• Created 3-year Strategic Plan
• Hired new a Veterinarian & Crime Analyst
• Public Safety Memorial (In partnership with Home Depot for fallen Clayton County officers, deputes and fire personnel)

Crime Initiatives

• Distracted Driver Detail (Initiated to decrease traffic related injuries and fatalities)
• Numerous Public Service Announcements (Counter-crime segments to educate the public on how to minimize becoming a victim)
• Code Enforcement Blitz
• Summer Break crime initiatives to address drugs, gangs and illegal weapons
• Anti-Prostitution Details
• Holiday Robbery Detail
• Joint Road Check Details to deter crime and interdict criminal activity
• Hotel Ordinance creation

In 2017, we will continue to implement initiatives to impact crime. The plan includes, but is not limited to, community outreach and a continued effort to build on the established partnerships between public safety and our community.

With your support, we can strive for a better tomorrow.

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