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Chief Register recently recorded a segment on SNN (Safety News Network) with the President & CEO of Safe America, Len Pagano. During the segment, Chief Register discusses the Clayton County Police Department’s C.A.R.E. Program.

Check out the story! Here’s the link:

TO:          Citizens of Clayton County

FROM:       Michael J. Register, Chief of Police

DATE:       January 26, 2017

SUBJECT:   2016 Police Operations

This past year has been a very busy time for the Clayton County Police Department in many ways. Officers responded to more than 252,000 calls for service (over 690 per day), in addition to making over 91,000 self-initiated citizen contacts. CCPD also hosted and/or participated in over 1000 various community engagements via our Community Affairs Unit and other departmental assets.

Several of the initiatives from this past year included the creation of a Bike Patrol Unit (for use in parks, shopping areas, apartment complexes, and special events), entering into phase II of a III-part process of fielding body cameras for all officers and include in-car camera systems. CCPD also held several forums intended to strengthen police and community partnerships and address community issues, which in turn impacted complaints on officers causing a 30% decrease from the previous year.

Other statistics of note from 2016 include the following:

Total Department Arrests: 18,948

Accidents Worked: 9,968

Firearms Seized: 614

Drug Arrests: 569

DUI Arrests: 357

Family Violence Arrests: 1,476

Though crime was up in 2016 from the previous year, we found that the large contributor to this increase was weapons, drugs, and gang related activity. However, burglaries within the county experienced a decrease of 6%. Our Specialized Units conducted several crime suppression initiatives in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies that yielded the following results:

Operation Crime Break (04/05/2016 to 04/16/2016)
63 arrests; 60 citations; 1 search warrant

Operation Summer Heat I (07/05/2016 to 07/16/2016)
60 arrests; 93 citations; 2 search warrants

Operation Summer Heat II (08/16/2016 to 08/27/2016)
53 arrests; 80 citations

Prostitution Details (09/29/2016)
22 arrests

Various T.I.G.E.R. (Targeted Interdiction General Enforcement Response) Unit initiatives

236 Arrests, 279 Citations, 478 Tier Contacts, 5 Weapons Seized, 4 Vehicles Seized.

Clayton County Police Department initiatives included:

External Initiatives

• Faith Forum (Held quarterly with local Clergy to discuss community/police issues)
• Beliefs and Bias Forum (Held quarterly with community to discuss community issues)
• Positive Youth Development (Conducted two summer programs in 2016)
• C.A.R.E. Program ~Communication Acceptance Respect and Empathy (Developed for pre-school aged children)
• Neighborhood Watch & Homeowner Association Meetings
• NHW & HOA Sync Meetings
• Brain Camp (Supported event in partnership with Safe America)
• C.A.L.E.A. ~Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (received 3rd reaccreditation award)
• Numerous Collaborations (Such as “A Conversation with My Brother”, and “Standing in the Gap”)
• Covenant House (Supported Homeless initiative)
• Business Police Academy (Created by CCPD to educate and better partner with the local business community)
• Citizens Police Academy

Internal Initiatives

• Gateway Program (Supervisor, Management and Leadership initiative for CCPD supervisors and command)
• Implementation of overlapping CCPD Police Academies (Created in order to field more officers faster without decreasing academy length)
• Bicycle Unit (Created to address trail safety, and be more effective in making citizen contact)
• Open House/National Night Out
• Opening of a new Animal Control facility (New $4 million animal control facility opened for better Animal Control service to the community)
• Hosted DOJ Training (Community relations and diversity)
• Citizens Discussion Board (Each sector has a citizen discussion group that assists each Sector Commander in addressing Sector concerns with citizen input)
• Body Cameras (Camera systems fielded for both body and in-car use)
• Employee Appreciation & Awards Banquet
• New website
• Power DMS (Improved policy review, and other departmental related workflows)
• Reorganization of the Police Department
• Created 3-year Strategic Plan
• Hired new a Veterinarian & Crime Analyst
• Public Safety Memorial (In partnership with Home Depot for fallen Clayton County officers, deputes and fire personnel)

Crime Initiatives

• Distracted Driver Detail (Initiated to decrease traffic related injuries and fatalities)
• Numerous Public Service Announcements (Counter-crime segments to educate the public on how to minimize becoming a victim)
• Code Enforcement Blitz
• Summer Break crime initiatives to address drugs, gangs and illegal weapons
• Anti-Prostitution Details
• Holiday Robbery Detail
• Joint Road Check Details to deter crime and interdict criminal activity
• Hotel Ordinance creation

In 2017, we will continue to implement initiatives to impact crime. The plan includes, but is not limited to, community outreach and a continued effort to build on the established partnerships between public safety and our community.

With your support, we can strive for a better tomorrow.

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TO:            Citizens of Clayton County

FROM:      Michael J. Register, Chief of Police

DATE:       December 19, 2016

SUBJECT: Happy Holidays

This past year has been a very busy one for the Clayton County Police Department. The department introduced new community-based initiatives such as the Beliefs and Biases Forum, the C.A.R.E. Program for pre-school aged children and a Business Police Academy. In addition, we introduced operational improvements such as body and in-car camera systems for police personnel and our new departmental web site, where citizens can conduct a customer feedback survey concerning police contact. The Board of Commissioners (BOC) approved a 5.5% raise for Public Safety personnel, which demonstrated the B.O.C.’s continued support of Police, Fire and the Sheriff’s Office. I hope 2017 will be just as productive.

As we close out 2016 and travel into the New Year, I pray that you and your families will be blessed, and that Public Safety and the citizens of Clayton County will continue to build a strong partnership that will increase the safety and quality of life for all. Also, as we move forward into the new year, I ask that you take a moment to remember fellow brethren of the Clayton County Police Department who were lost during 2016; Sergeant Robert Warner, Officer Carl Glorie, Code Enforcement Officer Jodie Watson and Retired Lieutenant Henry (Chic) Lee.

Please join the men and women of the Clayton County Police Department, in giving thanks for our lives, the ones we love, and all of our blessings during this holiday season.

Be safe, and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

Chief Michael J. Register

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TO:                 All Veterans

FROM:           Michael J. Register, Chief of Police

DATE:            November 11, 2016

Today is Veterans Day across our great nation. The men and women who have proudly worn and who currently wear the uniform of the United States military are to be honored and thanked for their selfless service to America and to each person that calls America their home. Freedom does not come free and the price paid for it at times is very high. Many have lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and friends who gave all for their country and there are many more who will carry the scars of their service with them for the rest of their lives. Sacrifice for the men and women who serve and who have served has never been a word, but rather a way of life. So today, on behalf of the Clayton County Police Department, I want to thank all of our Veterans for what they have done for their country. I also want to let them know that their service is appreciated and they will never be forgotten.


Chief Michael Register

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TO: Citizens of Clayton County
FROM: Michael J. Register, Chief of Police
DATE: October 5, 2016

The events over the last several weeks in Tulsa and Charlotte have reminded us once again about the fragile relationship that exists between communities and law enforcement. We have seen the vivid news coverage of the outrage that has been displayed, and the further deterioration of faith in law enforcement. The injustice that has been perceived has to be addressed at several levels, to include an examination of the historical and current sociological factors involved, but we must all agree that violence that disrupts and endangers citizens and businesses in a community is not the answer. Law enforcement leaders across America must continue to interact with their communities in order to develop trust, interaction, combined solutions, and dialogue. The Clayton County Police Department is committed and dedicated to the community and we work very hard to build and strengthen partnerships with our citizens. I would like to tell you about some of our current initiatives for the community, as we constantly work to improve your police force.

Beginning in July of last year, CCPD began a quarterly Faith Forum. The intent of the Faith Forum is to bring law enforcement and institutions of faith together in order to discuss the issues that are important to the community. This dialogue not only gives us the opportunity to have a frank conversation about community issues, but it also gives us the ability to come together and discuss various solutions. We just finished our 4th Faith Forum and it was phenomenal. One of the initiatives that was born out of the Faith Forum, is our Beliefs and Biases Forum. The Beliefs and Biases Forum is also held quarterly, and is meant to bring law enforcement, young people, and the community together to discuss the issues of today, and how we can begin to understand each other’s beliefs in an effort to work together to address them.

Examples of other initiatives that we are attempting to do that will hopefully facilitate stronger community partnerships is the creation of Citizen Advisory Groups in each Sector, our Positive Youth Development Camps, and the Communication, Acceptance, Respect, & Empathy (C.A.R.E.) program which is geared toward kids ages 4-6, to name a few. In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, we are currently partnered with over 160 Neighborhood Watches and Home Owner Associations.

We have also made a few changes to our training curriculum concerning our Police Recruits. We have added an additional two weeks to our training program which has increased the length of our Recruit Training to 18 weeks. We are putting more emphasis on communication, ethics, professionalism and conflict resolution. I believe that the environment that our officers are currently operating in has evolved and demands more professionalism and transparency. It also demands that officers take a more holistic approach to the issues and events they encounter. I believe our training program is attempting to prepare them for the complex environment they will work in, while also enhancing their job knowledge, professionalism and decision making capabilities. Also, complaints on officers from citizens are down by over 30% from this time last year. We are also proud to announce that our new website,, is up and running. The newly designed website has an area where citizens can take a service survey in order to give me feedback concerning any interaction with CCPD, to include positive interaction, or voice any issues.

Currently crime in Clayton county is slightly up from last year and the department continues to address this by working closely with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and other federal, state and local agencies in an attempt to maintain the safety of our citizens. We have also implemented various programs, such as our new Bike Patrol program, and continue to work closely with the community in addressing crime issues. The joint operations that CCPD has conducted with other agencies, primarily the Sheriff’s Office, has accounted for the following:

Operation Crime Break (04/05-04/16/2016)
63 arrests; 60 citations; 1 search warrant
Operation Summer Heat I (07/05-07/16/2016))
60 arrests; 93 citations; 2 search warrants
Operation Summer Heat II (08/16-08/27/2016))
53 arrests; 80 citations
Prostitution Detail (09/29/2016))
22 arrests

In fact, if we account for all of our initiatives during the period of April through September we find the following results:

513 Citations, 456 Arrests, 7 Weapons seized, 4 vehicles seized.

The Clayton County Targeted Interdiction General Enforcement Response (T.I.G.E.R.) Unit, is a multi-purposed street crime unit that is used to address problem areas within the county. The TIGER Unit accounted for the following in the months of August and September:

236 Arrests, 279 Citations, 478 Tier Contacts, 5 Weapons Seized, 4 Vehicles Seized.

I want to personally thank each of you for your continued support and partnership. It truly takes a “team” effort to make our community the best and safest that it can be. I would also be remiss to not also thank the Chairman, the Clayton Commissioners, and the COO for their continued support of Public Safety. Please never hesitate to reach out to me or my staff for a discussion, or any assistance that we may be able to give. We are your police department.


Chief Register

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TO: The Citizens of Clayton county
FROM: Michael J. Register, Chief of Police
DATE: September 9, 2016

I am very excited to introduce to you three of the newest initiatives of the Clayton County Police Department; our new website, Bike Patrol, and Body Cameras. All three will give us the opportunity to engage the community more effectively, and continue to be an innovative and transparent police department. Our new website is very interactive and I believe gives each citizen valuable information, such as statistical data and time sensitive information and alerts. The new website also has a “Citizen Survey” that citizens who have had contact with CCPD personnel can take. The survey lets me and my Command Staff know how you were serviced, and assist us in identifying issues. Your feedback also assist us in making the department better, and more effective in the services that we render daily.

We recently launched our Bike Patrol initiative. Beginning immediately we will have CCPD officers patrolling the various apartment complexes, shopping areas and fitness trails in order to better engage with citizens and improve safety for our citizens. Though the current Bike Patrol will only be conducted during certain hours, by next spring I hope to have a full-time Bike Patrol presence during the spring and summer months throughout all police Sectors in Clayton County.

We also have purchased Body Cameras and In-car Cameras for CCPD. I applaud the Clayton BOC for giving me the resources needed to appropriate the camera systems, and I believe this is just another example of their support of Public Safety and the county’s pledge of transparency. The camera systems will begin to be fielded in the next 30-45 days and it will protect not only the officers, but also the citizens, by showing a factual interaction during police contacts.

I hope each of you have had a great summer, and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the year.


Chief Michael Register

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TO: The Citizens of Clayton County
FROM: Michael J. Register, Chief of Police
DATE: July 8, 2016

Dear Citizens,
This week we have watched various news outlets show video of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota involved in “shootings” that have shocked the consciences of communities across this great nation, and we have also witnessed the tragic events in Dallas, where at the time of this writing five officers have lost their lives. As your Police Chief, I am very saddened by what has happened, and I am also very concerned about incidents involving the police and the community; no matter where they may occur. Each incident further deteriorates the sacred trust that is needed between law enforcement agencies and the citizens they are sworn to protect. As a community we must join together and ensure that we stand as one in both heart and spirit in tumultuous times. Together we must seek truth, transparency and justice, while condemning senseless acts of violence that violates the sanctity of life. Let us all pray for our country, our community and for our brethren who have been touched by these tragedies.

Chief Michael J. Register

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