Mission, Vision and Triennial Goals


Clayton County Police Department’s Mission, Vision and Triennial Goals

Mission Statement

To serve and protect all citizens with an emphasis on integrity, transparency and professionalism.

Vision Statement

The Clayton County Police Department is dedicated to establishing safer communities by building trust and confidence through professionalism and collaborations.

2019-2021 Goals

Our three (3) year organizational plan strives to achieve our goals and objectives through operational efficiency to provide for the wellness of our community.

Goal I

Recruitment of qualified candidates and Retention of quality personnel within the Clayton County Police Department:

Objective I:  Interview military personnel separating from service (TAP Class participation) and college visits.
Objective II:  Establish educational, employment and mentorship pathways for local citizens/students to positions within the department.
Objective III:  Educate employees regarding resources available to them in order to cultivate a positive work environment (i.e.  GATEWAY Program, Internal/External Training, Internal movement throughout divisions).

Goal II

Reduce, solve and prevent crime within Clayton County Police jurisdiction:

Objective I:  Cultivating stronger alliances with all law enforcement agencies to ensure maximum crime prevention/solvability in an effective and expeditious manner.
Objective II:  Reduce gang violence, using proven methods and non-traditional civil enforcement remedies.
Objective III:  Increase high visibility presence through aggressive traffic enforcement.


Goal III

Integrate technology within our organization for improved internal and external communication:

Objective I:  Provide internal training and external education regarding current technological capabilities being utilized by the department.
Objective II:  Exploration of future communication systems (i.e.  texting to E911).
Objective III:  Public dissemination of meetings held within the department on current local issues and citizen’s concerns.

Goal IV

Operational and Tactical Equipment Enhancement:

Objective I:  Provide tactical first aid training and improved first aid equipment to sworn and field personnel.
Objective II:  Enhancing tactical options for our sworn and field personnel.
Objective III:  Upgrade current equipment to meet the needs of current and future public safety operational readiness to ensure optimal utilization of resources.
Objective IV:  Identify a location and/or a facility for the Code Enforcement Unit to operate from, with an enhanced platform, distinguishable from our current building. This would increase our availability to the public by supporting our county beautification mantra.

Goal V

Improve quality of life:

Objective I:  Decrease response time to priority calls.
Objective II:  Increase the number of Code Enforcement and Animal Control personnel.
Objective III:  Create a special needs database/registry for missing persons (adults/juveniles).