H.E.A.T. - Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic

The H.E.A.T. is on Georgia roads and highways to combat traffic and impaired driving. The Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety and local law enforcement agencies have come together to create H.E.A.T. - Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic. Aggressive traffic (speed and drunk driving among the worst behaviors) has been determined to be one of the leading causes of death and serious injury crashes on the roadways of Georgia.

THE SOLUTION - For the first time in the history of highway safety the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety has created a multi-jurisdictional task force to address aggressive and impaired driving in Georgia. Originally, three officers from six counties and the City of College Park and the City of Atlanta came together to form a team of twenty-four officers to form H.E.A.T. Since this formation, the H.E.A.T. team has continued to grow with agencies being added across the state each month.

THE GOALS OF H.E.A.T. - • Reduce the number of impaired driving crashes in Georgia by 10% • Enforce Aggressive Driving around Georgia

WHAT IS H.E.A.T.? - H.E.A.T. is designed to educate the public and enforce laws related to impaired and aggressive driving. Each officer is armed with materials to educate Georgia citizens about our laws related to aggressive and impaired driving. Education and enforcement must go hand in hand if we are to be successful in reducing the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries on our highways. Georgia's H.E.A.T. Team is out and about patrolling Georgia's roadways to keep you safe from aggressive and impaired drivers. Formed out of many different jurisdictional agencies across the state, the H.E.A.T. team is the elite force of law enforcement agents dedicated to the citizen drivers of Georgia.

Among the many H.E.A.T. teams around Georgia include: Barrow County Sheriff's Office, Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Coweta County Sheriff's Office, Dougherty County Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Dublin Police Department, Duluth Police Department, Hall County Sheriff's Office, Henry County Police Department, Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Albany Police Department, Savannah Chatham Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, Atlanta Police Department, College Park Police Department, Walton County Sheriff's Office, Cobb County Police Department, Clayton County Police Department, DeKalb County Police Department, Bibb County Sheriff's Office, Morrow Police Department, Sandy Springs Police Department, Valdosta Police Department, Winder Police Department, Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, and teams from White County.

More teams are coming on board daily!

D.U.I. Task Force

Officers on the D.U.I. Task Force work throughout the night to combat dangerous driving habits as well as to remove intoxicated drivers from the streets of Clayton County. The Task Force has been instrumental in reducing the number of accident related injuries and fatalities attributed to driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Officers on the Task Force must constantly keep abreast of recent court decisions and already established case law to ensure they make a strong case against D.U.I. offenders. As a result of hard work, the D.U.I. Task Force maintains an outstanding arrest/conviction ratio. In April 2001, officers on the Task Force were presented an award by the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) for the excellent service they provide to the community. The D.U.I. Task Force is an active participant in the Governor's Office of Highway Safety "Operation Zero-Tolerance" campaign and randomly operates sobriety check points throughout the county to ensure compliance with D.U.I. laws. The Task Force may be seen utilizing the Department's state of the art Mobile Precinct and Command Center which contains an Intoxilyzer 5000 breath testing instrument as well as a prisoner holding cell.

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