Due to normal attrition, the Clayton County Police Department recruits police officers on a continual basis. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all qualified citizens on a basis of demonstrated merit and fitness. If you are looking for a career, Clayton County wants to consider you for employment. For the latest information on job openings within the Clayton County Police Department, please visit the Clayton County Human Resources Office, Current Employment Opportunities section.

Salary Information

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners approved a 5.5% salary increase on June 7, 2016, for Clayton County public safety employees. This salary increase will go into effect July 1, 2016. **The salary increase is not currently reflected as the posted salary**

Effective July 1, 2014, the following starting salaries for Police Officer are in effect:

Police Recruit
GA P.O.S.T. Certified
GA P.O.S.T. Certified w/3 years experience*
GA P.O.S.T. Certified w/6 years experience*
High School
Associates Degree
Bachelors Degree
* Denotes attainable starting salary based on years of experience and qualifications.

Top Step Salary Information
Officer II
Officer III





Salary is paid bi-weekly. Overtime is paid at a rate of 1 times base hourly salary after 171 hours worked in a 28 day pay cycle per Federal Fair Standards and Labor Act guidelines. If your assignment requires "On Call" status, call back pay is paid at 1 times base hourly salary.

General Information

Candidates for Police Officer should refer to the following guidelines:

All requests for employment must go through the Clayton County Human Resources Office.

You must be 21 years of age by date of hire to work as a police officer with the Clayton County Police Department.

Title 35, Chapter 8, Section 8 of the Official Code of Georgia (O.C.G.A.) known as the "Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Act" enumerates specific requirements that a candidate shall meet to be eligible as a peace officer in the State of Georgia. If you do not meet any one of the requirements enumerated in OCGA 35-8-8, you shall be deemed ineligible for a peace officer position with the Department.

O.C.G.A. 35-8-8. Requirements for appointment or certification of persons as peace officer.

(a) Any person employed or certified as a peace officer shall:

(1) Be at least 18 years of age;

(2) Be a citizen of the United States;

(3) Have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent;

(4) Not have been convicted by any state or by the federal government of any crime the punishment for which could have been imprisonment in the federal or state prison or institution nor have been convicted of sufficient misdemeanors to establish a pattern of disregard for the law, provided that, for purposes of this paragraph, violations of traffic laws and other offenses involving the operation of motor vehicles when the applicant has received a pardon shall not be considered;

(5) Be fingerprinted and a search made of local, state, and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record;

(6) Possess good moral character as determined by investigation under procedure established by the council;

(7) Have an oral interview with the hiring authority or its representative to determine the applicant's appearance, background, and ability to communicate;

(8) Be found, after examination by a licensed physician or surgeon, to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental conditions which might adversely affect his exercising the powers or duties of a peace officer; and

(9) Successfully complete a job related academy entrance examination provided for and administered by the council in conformity with state and federal law. Such examination shall be administered prior to entrance to the basic course provided for in Code Sections 35-8-9 and 35-8-11. The council may change or modify such examination and shall establish the criteria for determining satisfactory performance on such examination. Peace officers who do not perform satisfactorily on the examination shall be ineligible to retake such examination for a period of six months after an unsuccessful attempt. The provisions of this paragraph establish only the minimum requirements of academy entrance examinations for peace officer candidates in this state; each law enforcement unit is encouraged to provide such additional requirements and any preemployment examination as it deems necessary and appropriate.

(b) Notwithstanding the citizenship requirements provided for in paragraph (2) of subsection (a) of this Code section, the council may adopt procedures and requirements whereby an applicant for certification as a peace officer who possesses unique talents and skills in the training and handling of police dogs and who is not a citizen of the United States may be certified as a peace officer if he shall be otherwise qualified.

Nature of Work / Job Description

The purpose of this classification is to protect life and property, to respond to the needs of the general public, to deter criminal activity within the community, to enforce all county statutes, ordinances and laws, and regulations of state and federal government, and to perform investigations, special details and specific assignments within an assigned unit. SOME OF THE ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES INCLUDE: enforcing all county, state and federal codes, ordinances, laws and regulations, in order to protect life and property, and to prevent crime and promote security; maintaining visibility by patrolling assigned area, county streets, parks, neighborhoods and businesses to ensure security; making observations for prowlers, suspicious persons and violators; performing surveillance of various locations and criminal suspects; investigating reported crimes; obtaining warrants; performing various search operations; locating missing persons; determining probable cause to search and/or reasonable suspicion to detain suspects; responding to emergency calls and calling for assistance; responding to accident calls; performing functions at accidents, emergencies, fires, and disasters to include directing traffic, administering emergency first aid, and managing dangerous situations; interacting with emergency medical technician (EMT) teams; establishing road blocks; identifying illegal drugs and hazardous materials. Incumbent performs other related duties as required. Tasks require the ability to exert heavy physical effort in heavy work, with greater emphasis on climbing and balancing, but typically also involving some combination of stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling and the lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of moderately heavy objects and materials (20-50 pounds); may occasionally involve heavier objects and materials (up to 100 pounds). (May be required to lift/carry human being, push/pull a motor vehicle, do sustained physical combat).

Requirements for Application

EDUCATION: High School graduate or G.E.D.
VISION: Uncorrected - 20/200, corrected to 20/20 in one eye and at least 20/40 in the other eye with no color deficiencies.
AGE: Must be at least 21 years of age the time of appointment.
WEIGHT: Must be proportional to height.
DRIVER'S LICENSE: Must possess a valid unrestricted Georgia drivers license by date of hire.

Automatic Application Disqualifiers

DRIVING: More than five (5) points for moving violations in the past two (2) years.

Any drivers license suspensions in the past two (2) years.

Any conviction of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, aggressive driving, racing, or leaving the scene of an accident, or any other serious traffic offenses within the past two (2) years.
DRUGS: Marijuana use at all in the past three years.

Any illegal drug use (including anabolic steroids after February 27, 1991) at all in the past 10 years.

Any involvement in the sale, distribution, manufacturing or transportation of any illegal drug to include acting as a third party.

Use of any prescription drug or legally obtainable substance in a manner for which it was not intended within the past three years.
TATTOOS: Visible tattoos above or on the neck and face.
CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS AND ARRESTS: Note: The term conviction and convicted refers to the final judgment on a verdict of guilty, a plea of guilty, or a plea of nolo contendere.

Conviction of any felony or any crime involving moral turpitude (crimes contrary to justice, honesty, or good morals).

Any conviction of fleeing or attempting to elude police.

Any conviction of impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

Any conviction of domestic violence against a domestic partner, spouse, child or parent.

Note: Successful completion of first offender probation means that a person will not be considered to have a criminal conviction; however, the Clayton County Police Department reserves the right to examine any conduct that involves moral turpitude, violence, or other behaviors that could adversely affect an applicant's performance as a police officer on a case by case basis. Accordingly, applicants must disclose any first offender status events and fully explain the circumstances that lead to their arrest.
MILITARY Dishonorable or less than honorable discharge from any military service.

General discharges will be judged on a case by case basis.

Untruthfulness and/or the intentional withholding of information on any application, interview, or paperwork associated with the applied position. Examples of intentional withholding of information would include deliberate inaccuracies or incomplete statements.

Employment Process

Non-certified applicants for Police Officer will be required to successfully pass the Georgia University System COMPASS test, an extensive background investigation including Criminal History and reference checks, a time limited Physical Agility Course and one mile run, Polygraph Examination, Psychological Evaluation and Medical Evaluation.

State of Georgia Certified Peace Officer applicants will be required to pass an extensive background investigation including Criminal History and reference checks, Polygraph Examination, Psychological Evaluation and Medical Evaluation.

NOTICE FOR LATERAL ENTRY APPLICANTS: Candidates for Police Officer who possess Georgia P.O.S.T. certification, if hired will assume the title Police Officer I or Police Officer II depending on their previous years of service.

Non-certified applicants for the position of Police Officer when hired will spend 12 weeks at the Clayton County Police Department's Academy where he or she must successfully complete studies in Georgia Law as well as physical conditioning.

Upon successful completion of the Police Academy, police officer recruits will complete 12 weeks of field training with a certified Field Training Officer. During this 12 week period, officer recruits will be evaluated on numerous factors in order to determine their suitability to perform the duties of police officer.

After successful completion of the Field Training Program, the officer recruit will be assigned to one of 4 Sectors within the county on one of three shifts and will perform the duties of Police Officer. The recruit will remain on a probationary status with the department for one year from date of hire. During this probationary period officers are not covered by County Civil Service Grievances.Police work is shift work, you must be willing to work during any hour of the day, weekends and holidays. The Clayton County Police Department maintains an 8 hour work day, 5-2 schedule. Off days are assigned based on seniority within the Department.

How To Apply

All requests for employment with the Clayton County Police Department must go through the Clayton County Human Resources Office. For your convenience the job application is available online - HERE. The job application on this Web site is in .PDF format and you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view it properly. You can download the Reader free from Adobe's Web site and need only to install it once. After the Reader is installed you can view .PDF documents. For proper viewing it is suggested that you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater and Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or greater to download the application online.

Original Signature Required preferably in Blue Ink
- Once you complete the job application, you must sign it and return to the Personnel Office. FAXED JOB APPLICATIONS AND/OR RESUMES are not admissible and will not be considered by the Personnel Office. A separate application is required for each position that you are applying for. Job resumes may be included with the application but will not be accepted in lieu of job application.

Methods of Returning Job Application(s) - You may deliver the job application(s) to the Personnel Office either by mail or in person. The Personnel Office address is: Clayton County Personnel Office, 120 Smith Street, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236.

Promotions / Transfers

Officers with the Department who have maintained five years of continual service are recognized as Police Officer III. Officers are eligible to apply for the rank of Sergeant after three continuous years of service. Promotions to the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Deputy Chief are made by the Chief of Police in accordance with Clayton County Civil Service Rule, Police Department Promotional Procedures.

The rank of Detective is an appointment made by the Chief of Police, and this assignment is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Lateral transfers to specialized units within the Department are available to qualified officers. Specialized units include but are not limited to S.M.A.S.H. Unit, Traffic Unit, Motorcycle Unit, DUI Unit, Accident Investigations, Aviation Unit, Narcotics Unit, Crime Scene Investigations and Criminal Investigation Division.

Paid Annual Leave

Full time employees receive 13 days of annual leave per year (based on a 40 hour work week). Annual leave is accrued at a rate of 4 hours every pay period.

Paid Sick Leave

Full time employees receive 13 days of sick leave per year (based on a 40 hour work week). Sick leave is accrued at a rate of 4 hours every pay period.

Insurance Benefits

Comprehensive medical, dental and life insurance plans are available to all full time county employees. Clayton County contributes 75% of insurance cost per month; employee contribution is 25% per month. Long Term Disability and Pre-Paid Legal plans are also available.

Pension / Retirement Plan

Clayton County offers an excellent retirement package for all full time vested employees. Seven years of continual full time service is required for vested status. Full retirement of 80% of average of last three years salary at age 55 after 32 years service. Unused annual leave and sick leave apply towards reduction of retirement date. The employee contribution to the Pension Plan is 5.5% pre-tax and Clayton County contributes 11.85%. Clayton County's excellent retirement package includes a 2% cost of living increase every year after your seventh year of retirement.

Deferred Compensation Plan (Type 457 retirement plan)

Clayton County offers two plans: PEBSCO (Nationwide Retirement Solutions), and a County Sponsored Plan. Contributions to 457 plans are pre-tax. Taxes are deferred until the future. Payroll deduction is pre-tax.

Credit Union

Payroll deductions for savings and loan payments and low interest rate loans of various types.

Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund (P.O.A.B.)

Optional membership in P.O.A.B. is available to all certified law enforcement officers. A $20 monthly contribution entitles members to State supplemented retirement.

Uniform Allowance

All uniforms, weapons, ballistic vests and leather gear are furnished by the Department upon initial hire. Additionally, a $550 uniform allowance is provided per year to maintain uniforms and equipment.

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EMAIL: webmaster@claytonpolice.com